As worldwide leaders in providing innovative, transparent payment solutions, Metrics Global offers competitive rates, an exceptional level of service and intensive attention to client needs. Our focus on building trust and fostering long-term client relationships has made us the world’s premier partner for merchant services.

As a worldwide provider of individualized merchant services for businesses of all sizes our goal is not simply to set you up with a merchant account and gateway, but also to see your business realize its full potential.  Metrics Global offers several services designed to provide serious merchants with that extra boost!

Complimentary Consulting

It’s no secret that the merchant services arena can be confusing and overwhelming.  The last thing you need to worry about is researching PCI compliance, payment terminal features, the best ways to pay your distributors or whether you are receiving the best pricing given your payment card category mix.

At Metrics Global, we invest the time to answer your questions so you can make informed decisions and have things set up right the first time.   Planning an international expansion?  Adding eCommerce to support your retail outlet?  Need a cost-effective way to pay commissions? Want your sales force to process transactions in the field? Because your needs will change as your business grows, our ongoing consulting enables evolutionary solutions to address these and other needs.

Read our client stories or See what clients are saying about how Metrics Global consulting has boosted their success.

Cash Advances

Many businesses either fail or aren’t able to expand because they don’t have that extra cash on hand when they need it.  Metrics Global can provide you with the cash you need for renovations, extra inventory, payroll obligations, or any business purpose in as few as five business days.

Advance amounts are based upon processing volume and structured as an advance against future sales.  Unique features of the Metrics Global cash advance program include:

  • Full eligibility for MLM and eCommerce companies
  • Flexibility to advance amounts far greater than other sources
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • Eligibility for renewal/additional advances immediately after repayment
  • No reliance on credit scores

The Metrics cash advance offers a viable, hassle-free alternative to loans from banks and credit unions, and is a smarter choice than less reputable “fast cash” providers.

Training Stipends and Programs

Few merchants have expertise in all areas needed to start and run a successful business.  As part of our commitment to investing in our clients’ success, Metrics Global offers professional training seminars and training stipends to help defer client training costs.

Training Programs

Group training programs are offered periodically either at the company headquarters or in conjunction with industry meetings. Training topics might include when and how to select commercial real estate; accounting and bookkeeping; hiring and managing distributors; successful event/party planning, and more.  These training programs are open to existing clients.  For more information or to inquire about upcoming programs, please contact us.

Training Stipends

Metrics Global offers a unique training compensation program for clients that are off to a good start, but want the benefit of additional training.  Too often, you identify a great program, but the cost is just out of reach.  Whether you need to shore up your marketing skills or learn the latest direct selling strategies, Metrics Global may be able to help you defer some of the cost through a training stipend.

Stipend amounts vary depending upon the merchant and program cost, but typically range from $100 to $2500.  Merchants with at least 6 months of sales as a Metrics Global customer and who are processing at least $4,200/month are eligible to apply for a training stipend.  To learn more and obtain an application, contact us.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

A proven way to encourage customer loyalty and spur product/service trial is through gift cards.  Gift cards typically result in revenue beyond the card value and can help cross-promote between products and services, while loyalty programs can promote repeat purchases and encourage trial of new products.

Metrics Global offers various gift and loyalty programs including branded gift cards, loyalty cards, and combination gift/loyalty cards.  We can assist clients with card denomination strategy, design and branding services and card printing and display services.

Metrics Global offers both traditional plastic cards and digital/electronic “cards” that can be delivered via email, Facebook, or mobile device.