As worldwide leaders in providing innovative, transparent payment solutions, Metrics Global offers competitive rates, an exceptional level of service and intensive attention to client needs. Our focus on building trust and fostering long-term client relationships has made us the world’s premier partner for merchant services.

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With which types of businesses do you work?

We work with domestic (USA) and international businesses of all sizes, from home-based start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations.

Do you have a way for me to accept payments in the field/away from the office?

Yes. Metrics Global offers two mobile payment solutions: mobile payment processing and portable wireless terminals. Watch the video about our mobile payment solutions.

You can conduct mobile payment processing with a tablet or smart phone via iProcess™. With iProcess mobile payments, all you need is a supported Android or Apple device, the free app download, and a cellular or WiFi connection.

iProcess uses a small, encrypted card reader that attaches to the audio jack on your phone or tablet so you can securely and reliably process keyed or card swipe payments. iProcess also supports full or partial refunds and gratuity payments. The customer signs directly on the touchscreen and you can send them receipts via text or email. iProcess uses minimal battery power and requires no cables or cords. Read about Synthia’s Experience with iProcess.

Our portable wireless terminals combine the convenience of mobile payment processing with the familiarity of a traditional keypad and paper receipt for customer signature.

These terminals have a back-up modem for reliability and a graphics-capable printer which allows you to include a logo, bar code or other information directly on your receipt. Our wireless terminals are ideal in situations where connection of peripheral devices is desired, a touchscreen interface is not feasible, or where cellular or wireless coverage is less consistent.

I only want to do mobile payments and don’t need a virtual terminal, invoicing or any extras. Is this possible?

Yes! We can help you get set up with our mobile only solution. Please contact us to get started.

Which credit cards do you process?

Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB®, Carte Blanche®, and Maestro®.

What is required to apply for a merchant account?

If you are a new merchant and just getting started, your personal credit history will be used to establish your account. Therefore, we will need:

  • The most recent 2 months of your personal bank statements (if you have had a company bank account established for some months, you will also need to submit company bank statements)
  • A Tax ID Number (FEIN)
  • A voided business check
  • The completed merchant application
  • Website URL (for Ecommerce businesses)

If you are an existing merchant and already have a merchant account, we will need:

  • The last 3 months of your company’s processing statements
  • The completed merchant application
  • A voided business check

Note that additional documentation may be requested.  In addition, your personal credit may be checked, depending on how long you have been in business, the type of business you own, and whether or not you have submitted company financials.

What is the “Personal Guaranty” on the application? Do I have to sign it?

A personal guaranty is your personal assurance that you will repay any debts owed to the processor in the event the business fails.  If you do not sign the guaranty, the underwriters will request additional financials such as one year of bank statements, two year’s tax returns and six months of processing statements (if applicable).

How long does it take before I can begin accepting credit cards?

Once the application has been approved, most accounts can begin accepting cards within 24-48 hours.

Do you charge a monthly minimum if a certain transaction level is not met?

No, we do not.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is not.

Do you charge a monthly statement fee?

Yes your monthly statement includes a fee, which can range from $5.00 to $25.00 depending upon the account type (e.g. USA or international merchant account).

What other fees are there?

It’s possible that there may be additional fees, which are determined by the type of gateway you have.

Now that I am processing, I would like to add American Express to my account. How is this done?

The easiest and fastest way to add American Express to your merchant processing account is to call American Express directly at (800) 445-2639. While you are on the phone, they will give you an account number (SE#) that you will need to provide to us. We will have it added to your account and you can generally start processing American Express transactions within 2 business days; we will confirm with you once it has been added.

Can I accept transactions from other countries?

Yes. You can accept transactions immediately in US dollars from other countries. Should you want to process in other currencies Metrics Global offers both Multi-currency and Cross-currency processing for US and European merchants who want to reach customers abroad.

Cross-Currency Processing (CCP) is for US-based merchants – either those in traditional retail environments or eCommerce merchants – who want to accept payments from other countries. CCP occurs at the point of payment and allows merchants to offer customers the option of paying for purchases in their own currency or in US dollars. The Metrics Global CCP solution supports VISA®, MasterCard® and American Express® transactions.

Multi-currency Processing (MCP) enables European merchants to sell products and services in the various home currencies of their customers, but receive account funding in any one of 13 currencies. Because each party is seeing their own currency throughout the transaction, there is complete transparency on pricing (for the customer) and revenue to be received (for the merchant). With MCP, accounts are typically funded within 24 hours so the risk of currency fluctuation between the time of purchase and the time funds are settled in the account is greatly reduced.

Can I Get a US Merchant Account if I Don’t Live in the US?

No, we do not provide merchant accounts for those not living in the USA.

How Do I Change The Bank Account That Is Attached To My Gateway Or Processing Account?

Contact us for the required forms. You will need to provide a voided business check and potentially a copy of a valid ID for the Authorized Signer on the account. If you only have temporary business checks, you will need to submit a bank verification letter in lieu of a voided check.

What if the bank account was not opened under the DBA name the merchant account is under?

The account must be consistent with the DBA name or legal entity, or owner’s name.

What is a Bank Verification Letter?

A bank verification letter is a letter from your bank on their letterhead that confirms the validity of the account and specific information associated with the account. Specifically, the bank verification letter must:

  • Provide the name on the bank account
  • Provide account number and routing number
  • Verify the bank will accept ACH credits and debits on this account
  • Be signed and dated by a bank representative

The business address and/or phone number has changed. How do I update my account?

Please call or email us, and we will send you a form. Simply fill it out, sign it and send it back to us and we will make sure the changes are made with the processor and in our gateway.

How do I add a user to my gateway account?

Log into the gateway using your login credentials. On the list on the left hand side, click on “Options”, click “User Accounts”, then “Click Here to Add a New User Account”. Input the information for the new user and check the Permissions and Notifications you want him/her to have. The user will then receive an email with a password and instructions.

How do I get reports through the gateway?

Log into the gateway using your login credentials. On the list on the left hand side, go down to “Trans Reports” and click on “Reports”. The “Transaction Snapshot” will let you group by several categories. The “Search Transactions Status” will also let you group by several categories.

How do I get the Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express logos on my website?

These are available on the web either through the card association (Visa, etc.) or via 3rd parties. If you are in direct selling, your software company can add them to your website as well.

What is PCI Compliance, and why do I have to do it?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), often referred to as PCI Compliance, is a mandatory industry standard for any company that processes, stores, or transmits payment card information. This PCI standard is designed to strengthen the security of the entire payment network – banks, credit unions, website hosting companies, merchants, etc. – thereby minimizing or eliminating security breaches. Key areas of concern include, but aren’t limited to, where cardholder data is stored, how it is stored, security measures in place for transmission of cardholder data, and policies in place to review procedures related to protection of cardholder information.

Developed by an independent council, the standards apply to merchants of all sizes. This means that every merchant, from home based start-ups with one transaction to multinational corporations with millions of transactions, must be in compliance. Companies that are not in compliance are at risk of fines and loss of payment card processing capabilities.

My website has an SSL certificate/utilizes https, do I still need to worry about PCI Compliance?

Yes; the two are not equivalent. PCI compliance is a separate standard that is mandatory for all merchants.

How do I know which level of PCI compliance is required for my business and is there anything I need to do to maintain compliance?

The requirements for compliance vary in accordance with the business size as determined by the number of transactions submitted during a given time period. It’s important to note that every merchant will fall into one of four tiers as defined by the PCI DSS. The levels are initially based upon the number of Visa transactions a merchant has during a 12-month period, but if a merchant’s network has been compromised or suffered a data breach, the merchant’s level may be elevated. The levels and criteria are shown below.

  • Level 1 (Largest Merchants) – Merchants annually processing over 6 million Visa transactions, regardless of the acceptance channel. Also, Global merchants identified by any Visa region as being Level 1.
  • Level 2 – Merchants annually processing 1 million – 6 million Visa transactions, regardless of the acceptance channel.
  • Level 3 – Merchants annually processing 20,000 to 1 million Visa e-commerce transactions.
  • Level 4 (Smallest Merchants) – Merchants annually processing less than 20,000 Visa e-commerce transactions per year, and all other merchants processing up to 1 million Visa transactions per year, regardless of acceptance channel.

Depending upon the merchant’s level, compliance maintenance may include an Annual On-Site PCI Data Security Assessment or a PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as well as a network security scan.


Are your solutions PCI DSS Compliant?

Yes. We provide solutions for merchant levels 1-4 and all applicable Metrics Global solutions are certified as Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant.

I already have a provider but would like to switch to Metrics Global – what do I need to do?

Approximately 50% of our client volume is from those switching from another provider and we make switching as fast and painless as possible. Simply request a complimentary phone consultation or complete the form to get started now. We’ll have you switched and running smoothly before you know it.

Should I use the Address Verification Service (AVS) and require my clients to provide this information as a condition of sale?

The Address Verification Service (AVS) allows Card Not Present (CNP) merchants to verify a cardholder’s billing address with the card issuer. AVS can only be used to confirm addresses in the US and Canada. In other countries card issuer participation is optional.

While we do not make business decisions for our clients, use of the AVS service is required in order for eCommerce/MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) merchants to successfully dispute a charge-back. Local laws limit requiring address and identification information for card present transactions. More information is available in the merchant guidelines provided by the individual card associations.

Where can I find the card association guidelines for merchants?

You may have received a copy of, or link to, the rules for the cards you accept in your welcome packet; if not, you can find the guidelines on the respective card association websites. For your convenience, the Visa, MasterCard and American Express links are provided below.

MLM/Direct Selling

Will I have to use an off-shore bank?

Many of our clients have come to us and have been told they could only use an off-shore bank because USA banks automatically view MLM businesses as too risky. This is a myth. The key is to have a merchant account provider that is willing to take the time to evaluate each business individually on its own merits. Our clients are routinely matched with excellent banks in the USA and operate smoothly without any issues.

Will I have to have a reserve or hold-back?

Given the practice of recurring billing, charge backs are more common in the MLM/Direct Selling industry. Therefore, there is typically a reserve that is established for businesses engaged in certain business types, particularly if there is auto-shipping. With Metrics Global, this reserve may be only temporary, or fixed. The reserve funds are escrowed and used only to protect your business from unknown exposure.

What is a Rolling Reserve?

A rolling reserve is a percentage of your company’s monthly processing volume that is held in an escrow account and it is used to cover the payment of chargebacks and/or returns. The rolling reserve is generally for 6 months. For the first 6 months of processing, the reserve amount is taken from each settlement batch. Beginning on month 7, the reserve taken in month 1 is released; in month 8 the reserve taken in month 2 is released, and so on. Thus, after 6 months the reserve rolls back out to the merchant on a monthly basis.

Is it possible for my reserve to be lowered?

This can often be accomplished if there is a sufficient, positive history of company financials and processing patterns. Please contact us and be prepared to provide 12 months of financial statements, including profit & loss and balance sheet, for review.

Will my MLM business be considered “high risk”?

Many merchant service companies will arbitrarily and unfairly assign a label of “high risk” to companies in the direct selling/MLM industry. This can result in not only unreasonable costs, but also restrictions that adversely impact your business. Because we are intimately familiar with the direct selling/MLM industry and take the time to listen to you and assess your individual circumstances, you are never under a blanket label with Metrics Global.

How long does it take to get started?

You could be ready to go in just a few days. Because we regularly work with, and are already integrated with, the major MLM and direct selling software companies, Metrics Global will save your company thousands of dollars and help you avoid the needless downtime and hassles associated with system software integration.

Do you have a way that I can pay commissions/royalties?

Yes, we do. We understand your need for both pay in and pay out capabilities, and offer solutions that are specifically geared to the direct selling business model.