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The Metrics Global Marketplace – An Online Insurance Platform for Direct Selling Companies

At Metrics Global, we actively seek solid opportunities for our clients to grow their businesses – because that’s what partners do. The Metrics Global Marketplace is just such an opportunity.

We’ve partnered with Lumina Insurance to offer a completely free service that enables direct selling organizations of any size to provide their Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with access to individual health, dental, vision, life, and supplemental insurance plans.

Rather than your team members spending hours online scouring various insurance sites, we’ve brought everything together for them in one Marketplace – and backed it with free, ongoing support from licensed agents!

This 1-Stop Marketplace Is Designed to Help Direct Selling Companies:

  • Provide a hassle-free path to insurance coverage for all team members – regardless of size
  • Increase loyalty and retention among team members
  • Offer a professional, online marketplace platform within just 10 days
  • Provide ongoing support via a nationwide team of licensed insurance consultants

There is no mark-up on the insurance plans; your team members would pay the same rates they would find on the open market.

Larger organizations may even be eligible for a branded, professional website through which IBOs can purchase; and, may also receive marketing revenue based upon those purchases.

A Trusted Provider
Based in San Diego, Lumina Insurance has been in business for years. Through Lumina, we will provide not only an online platform from which your team can select from all available insurance options (both government and private plans); but also, free support via 400 US-based, licensed insurance consultants who will work directly with your team should they have any questions. This support is available not only during initial sign-up, but the agents can also serve as 2nd-tier support throughout the coverage period should unusually challenging complications with pre-approval or claims coverage arise.

Hassle-Free Implementation
It’s easy to get started! Companies with a small team can sign up and start providing access within 5 days. Larger companies who qualify for a branded website can be up and running within 10 days.

Call 888-891-5445×715, or email us today to get answers to any questions you may have and to schedule a demo so you can see what your team will see.