As worldwide leaders in providing innovative, transparent payment solutions, Metrics Global offers competitive rates, an exceptional level of service and intensive attention to client needs. Our focus on building trust and fostering long-term client relationships has made us the world’s premier partner for merchant services.

Industry Expertise

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following industries:


  • Towing/Roadside Assistance
  • Fleet Services
  • Auto Maintenance/Repair
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Parking Services

  • Skincare
  • Spa Services
  • Hair Salons
    Direct Selling

  • MLM
  • Party Plan
    Golf/Country Club/Resort

  • Grocery Stores
  • Art Galleries
  • Boutiques
  • Fitness Centers
  • Bakeries/Cafés/Coffee Shops
    Professional Trade

  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Physicians/Medical Offices/Laboratories
  • Consultants
    Skilled Trade

  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Mechanics
  • Contractors
  • Carpenters

Metrics Global offers a comprehensive array of payment processing solutions — regardless of industry, geographic location or business model. Our solutions support both in-person and card not present/MOTO (mail order, telephone, or eCommerce) sales as well as mobile payment processing.

If you have already been accepting card payments and are switching from another processor, as part of our strategic consulting, we review the pricing you are receiving on your payment card category mix and can often save clients hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month in processing fees. We also provide our clients with access to wholesale pricing for equipment purchases so they can avoid costly leases. These are just some of the reasons we have maintained a 99% client retention rate.

Read our client stories or See what clients are saying about their experience with Metrics Global payment processing.

General Payment Processing

Metrics Global Inc is a registered acquirer (not a broker). We can provide clients with a wide variety of payment options including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, ACH, e-check and check 21(guaranteed checks).

For eCommerce based businesses or retail locations looking to expand reach with an online store, we can provide SSL certificates, ready to go shopping carts and virtual terminals. Virtual terminals allow you to accept payments via phone and conduct other transactions such as refunds, repeat billing and voids.

For corporate clients, we also offer fleet cards that are accepted at over 180,000 locations. These cards can be used for fuel, auto maintenance and repair, or roadside assistance to help your business save money and control expenditures through predefined limits.

Mobile Payment Processing

Metrics Global offers two distinct options for mobile payment processing so you can accept payment cards anywhere in the world just as easily as if you were behind a counter or desk. Whether you want to conduct business from a road side kiosk or simply allow your customers the convenience of poolside payments, Metrics Global can help.

Our compact wireless terminals combine the convenience of on-the go payment processing with the familiarity of a traditional keypad and paper receipt for customer signature. 

These terminals have a back-up modem for reliability even when your wireless coverage fades. They also have a graphics-capable printer which allows you to include a logo, QR code, coupon, bar code or other information directly on your receipt. Some of the other features include a port for connection of a peripheral device (such as a check reader), a backlit display, and an optional EMV reader so you’re prepared to transition to new technology as it becomes available.

Our wireless terminals are ideal in situations where connection of peripheral devices is desired, a touchscreen interface is not feasible, or where cellular or wireless coverage is less consistent.

If you’re typically in an area with consistent coverage and like the idea of using your existing smart phone or tablet for payment processing, then iProcess™ may be just what you’re looking for. With iProcess mobile payments, all you need is a supported Android or Apple device, the free app download, and a cellular or WiFi connection.

iProcess uses a small, encrypted card reader that attaches to the audio jack on your phone or tablet so you can securely and reliably process keyed or card swipe payments. iProcess also supports full or partial refunds and gratuity payments; so it’s ideal for those in the service industry. The customer signs directly on the touchscreen and you can send them receipts via text or email. iProcess uses minimal battery power and requires no cables or cords. Read about Synthia’s Experience with iProcess

Payment Processing for Direct Selling

From cosmetics and jewelry to software and vitamins, we understand your unique needs and offer innovative solutions for those engaged in direct selling. Through Metrics Global, you can: 

  • Integrate an unlimited number of merchant accounts using just one interface
  •  Direct deposit commission payments, thereby reducing processing costs
  •  Reduce administrative time
  •  Increase payment flexibility among distributors.
  •  Have real-time payment processing in multiple currencies.
  •  Set up and schedule recurring distributions, bank transfers, currency exchanges and more.

No Blanket High-Risk Labels – We have many direct selling clients who were previously labeled as “high risk” and told they needed a ridiculous reserve, or needed an off-shore bank. Some have had their merchant accounts terminated due to chargeback volume. Many merchant service companies will arbitrarily and unfairly assign a label of “high risk” to companies in the direct selling industry. This can result in not only unreasonable costs, but also restrictions that adversely impact your business.  Because Metrics Global knows direct selling inside-out, our clients do not pay a rate premium or process off-shore.

Reserves At Competitive Rates – Because chargebacks are so common with the recurrent billing, there is often a temporary reserve that is established for businesses engaged in certain business types, particularly if there is auto-shipping. With Metrics Global, this reserve may be only temporary or fixed.  The reserve funds are escrowed and used only to protect your business from unknown exposure.

Pay-in/Pay-out capability – Metrics Global merchant solutions support your need to have not only pay in, but also pay out capabilities for commissions and royalties. Our unique solutions allow you to significantly reduce payment processing costs and decrease administrative time.

The Ability To Accommodate Multiple Compensation Structures – Activate and manage multiple accounts from a single interface.

Immediate Integration – Because we regularly work with, and are already integrated with, the major MLM and direct selling software companies, with Metrics Global as your merchant service provider, you can save thousands of dollars and avoid the needless downtime and hassles associated with system integration.

International Payment Processing

Metrics Global has considerable expertise in international markets and allows consolidation of worldwide payment processing with one acquirer.  We provide significant convenience and flexibility by processing payments in over 135 currencies and providing account funding within 24 hours.  Our advanced payment processing platform has unsurpassed reliability which minimizes system downtime so transactions are processed and accounts are funded without delay. 

Multi-Currency Processing

Multi-currency Processing (MCP) enables European merchants to sell products and services in the various home currencies of their customers, but receive account funding in any one of 13 currencies. Because each party is seeing their own currency throughout the transaction, the customer is always clear on the price (increasing trust and minimizing chargebacks) and the merchant is always clear on the revenue received. Also, since our clients’ accounts are typically funded within 24 hours, the risk of currency fluctuation between the time of purchase and the time funds are settled in the account is greatly reduced.

Metrics Global provides a single point for processing multiple currencies so you no longer have to interact with multiple banks or processors for each currency received – you make the sale and we take care of the rest!

Cross-Currency Processing

Cross-Currency Processing (CCP) is intended for USA based merchants who have or are targeting an international customer base. CCP occurs at the point of payment and allows merchants to offer customers the option of paying for purchases in their own currency or in US dollars. Offering this flexibility and transparency will increase customer comfort and trust level, which often leads to greater purchases and increased revenue for the merchant.  CCP can also significantly reduce chargebacks which can occur when customers who don’t have the option of seeing prices in their native currency return home and are shocked by the prices they were charged.

The CCP option allows merchants to immediately access international customers without the need to have a physical presence in any country other than the USA.  For those who currently serve or are seeking to attract international customers, this can provide an important competitive edge and should not be overlooked.  Available for traditional retail environments or eCommerce merchants, the Metrics Global CCP solution supports VISA®, MasterCard® and American Express® transactions.

International Direct Deposit

With direct deposit to international accounts, you can quickly and easily pay out distributor/consultant commissions in multiple currencies. The Metrics Global solution:

  • Eliminates costly wire transfer and check fees
  • Reduces administrative time and overall payment processing costs
  • Allows completely electronic, secure payment distribution
  • Enables settlement available in multiple currencies
  • Permits distributors to pay in and owners to pay out regardless of physical location
  • Allows both the sender and recipient to operate in their respective currencies so there is absolute transparency throughout the transaction
  • Allows instant access to funds
  • Facilitates the activation and management of multiple accounts from a single interface
  • Permits scheduling of recurring payments

With 20 currencies and 7 languages, this is truly a global solution.