As worldwide leaders in providing innovative, transparent payment solutions, Metrics Global offers competitive rates, an exceptional level of service and intensive attention to client needs. Our focus on building trust and fostering long-term client relationships has made us the world’s premier partner for merchant services.

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    I am overly impressed by Metrics Global’s customer service. Paul is always quick to reply and goes above and beyond to exceed our expectations. Thank you Paul and Wendy for making us feel so supported always!

    Kara Wiegand -- Threads Worldwide

    Paul and his support team have been very helpful to me during this difficult time. He is always very professional and thorough. Glad to have LegacyMax Global in your portfolio!

    Tim Stevens -- LegacyMax Global

    Of all the vendors we use in our business Metrics Global stands head and shoulders above all the others. We have always had exceptional service from both Wendy and Carol. It is a pleasure to be associated with them.

    Clive Pomeroy-Ward -- BProactiv

    I have put my rep and her higher ups thru the paces asking questions, working out different solutions for our company and they never fail us. There is always an answer. Carol is the kindest sweetest person I have dealt with in the Card Processing industry! I am very thankful to have had the team at Metrics Global working on our processing needs.

    Chad Taylor -- Automotive Towing and Repair

    Having 30 years of Business experience and having worked with many vendors, I have to say that Metrics Global “tops” the list of quality and attentive service. Wendy and her team have been insightful, accommodating and hands on in setting up my merchant account to be as easy to use as any could imagine.

    Thank you for your excellence in service, it’s a rare and much needed part of business today!

    Joe Grushkin, CEO & President, -- - * B2B Direct Sales

I am totally satisfied and I would definitely recommend Metrics Global. to any and everybody.

D. Anderson - Retail

I have nothing to say but great things about Metrics Global. My contact is wonderful and a consummate professional. I feel she was very interested in our business and tried to help us in every way she could.

S. Vickery - Lodging

One year later after switching our merchant services from our bank, our fees are less than they were a year ago and we have swiped twice the number of cards this year versus last year. I can’t imagine what our fees would have been had we stayed with the bank that we thought gave us a good rate.

B. Gardiner - Financial Services

I give Metrics Global an A+. There is a comprehensive knowledge of the many nuances of the direct selling industry.

S. Reese - Attorney

I opened my business 8 months ago and feel I couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been very responsive when I’ve needed help and I trust you completely. You’re doing everything you can to stay competitive in the marketplace and I value your expertise and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

D. Kreisman - Retail

Metrics Global has always responded to our needs in a timely and courteous manner. They have always been honest not only with fees but also time frames and had the best rates we could find. Even when we do not know that we need something, our contact provides a solution that suits us perfectly and saves money. They were instrumental in our Canadian expansion and seem to be much more knowledgeable with direct sales than other processors I have used in the past.

K. Glassco - Party Plan Company

Metrics Global was very honest and up front on how much fees would be and listened to our concerns on how we wanted to be more cost-effective.

J. Crew - Roadside Assistance

Thank you again for all of your assistance with this project…you certainly were patient and more than helpful vis a vis my learning curve. I can understand why your company is successful.

Dave - MLM

I have enjoyed working with you. You have been a good resource for recommending good help in our industry and open and honest about these recommendations. We are early in our relationship with your company, but we look forward to cost savings and important tools for our team of representatives. I would highly recommend you to my colleagues.

M. Pentecost - MLM

Your company has been a pleasure to work with. My contact is very knowledgeable in her job and company services. Whenever I have a question she is prompt in getting me the answer. Our company has had substantial savings in switching over to your company and we are very happy with the rate structure. She makes her customers feel like there is a personal relationship there and I don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send her an email if I have any questions. With our previous provider I didn’t like calling because I never knew who I would get on the phone and if I was getting the accurate information.

R. Baker - Retail

The customer service is great and the consulting has really helped in the development of our business.

G. Arana - MLM

I found them to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. Wendy made sure I had all the information necessary for me to move forward with my transactions. I highly recommend her to my business acquaintances.

M. Barnett-Sanchez - Professional Trade

I was very pleased with the service we received.

C. Lynch - Professional Trade

We were referred by our attorneys when our credit card processor dropped our account without a warning simply because they felt that they could no longer service MLM clients. Metrics Global understood the problem, consulted us on the options and immediately set us up so we could continue servicing our clients with minimal downtime. They also set up our international transactions and recommended – and help us implement – the direct deposit solution for sales commission disbursement. For us, this company has become a one-stop solution for all our processing needs. They are knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, but most importantly – they are always there for the client. They make sure that you are happy with the services, they take time to speak with you, they listen and immediately respond to any issues. I feel that can’t recommend them highly enough.

M. Chesnokova - MLM

This company is on the ball. They listen very well and always have a solution to our problem. They really know the industry and are always finding ways to help us as a company to save money with our providers. We are glad to have them on our team.

G. Anderson - eCommerce

We are currently working with Metrics Global to implement our merchant bank processing and also a payment solution for our sales force in an MLM environment. They understand the intricacies of our industry and the challenges that we have in business when it comes to MLM’s. They have literally rescued us from being shut down by a previous merchant bank to “up and running" in a 48/72 hr turnaround. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a merchant bank solution.

P. Taylor - MLM

They are very knowledgeable and willing to spend the time to transfer knowledge honestly. In addition, the rates are very competitive.

R. Smith – MLM