MGI Chargeback Management


When we see a problem, we want to fix it. So, we developed our chargeback manager as a smart solution to a costly dilemma. It’s a tool that lets you fight chargebacks with a few easy clicks. Seamless integration puts your hands on the wheel. Data drives better decisions. Automation keeps things simple. All engineered to lower costly disputes and prevent chargebacks before they happen.

Better data means better prevention.

Complete Data Sync

Consolidate your data into a single platform to improve transparency and efficiency.

Analyze & Optimize

Put your data to work and find out why your customers are really charging back.

Respond & Prevent

Instantly resolve issues before they turn into chargebacks, prevent threshold breaches, and keep merchant accounts in good standing.


Pick your battles.

Put your data to work and find out why your customers are really charging back.

Order & Dispute Data Sync

Our solution matches chargebacks to their original order data, helping you locate compelling evidence and deliver a complete reporting experience.

Respond with Intelligence

Only fight what you can win, customize responses by reason code, and pay less to recover more revenue. Our partners saw ROI jump anywhere from an 800% to 1,500%.

Automate errors away.

We have a way to cut out those costly, resource-sapping chargeback errors. It’s called better automation.

Automated Prevention Alerts

When you receive a payment dispute, we’ll intercept and resolve it in real-time.

Automated Dispute Responses

The workflow process really doesn’t have to be so time-consuming. Let the technology handle everything from gathering evidence to submitting responses.