Tokenization is data security.


Forward-thinking businesses are turning to data tokenization to protect their payment information. Partly because it’s often more cost-effective than encryption. But also because fraud is growing ever more sophisticated and widespread. Tokenization is the more secure option, reducing your vulnerability to data breaches, PCI non-compliance fines and loss of consumer confidence.

All your data,
always secure.

Data tokenization replaces credit card details and other critical data with a unique string of numbers called a token. This means that sensitive payment information is never transmitted during transactions, adding an extra level of security and peace of mind. It also eliminates the need to store data in your environment. And unlike encryption, if the bad guys ever get their hands on your tokenized data, it’s useless without the payment links that we store securely elsewhere.

Skip the middleman.

Metric Global’s Gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. You don’t need to bring in a third party to be compliant, saving you a lot of extra expense and integration effort. Most importantly, our policy is that all tokenized data is your company asset and we won’t surprise you with extra charges if you ever need to move your data.