Multiple Currencies
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When you add multi-currency processing to your Metrics Global solution, you allow your customers to pay for their purchases using their own currency… no matter where your company is located. This gives your customers a frictionless shopping experience, reducing cart abandonment, and establishing trust in your business.

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At checkout, customers can see the purchase total in their local currency, saving them the trouble of converting it themselves. The purchase can also be posted to their bank account, or credit card statement, in their home currency. Processing payments in foreign currencies makes life simpler for you, too. What happens, for example, when you refund a customer in a currency that lost value since the original sale? Unfortunately, they won’t get all their money back and will likely dispute the refund, only adding to your costs. Our solution simplifies a host of costly administrative headaches like these, including chargebacks, complaints, and other bumps in the road.