Las Vegas, NV — Metrics Global integrates CardSync into MGI Payment’s Unified Commerce Platform, enabling their merchants to automatically update consumer credit card account details for recurring payments on all processing platforms. This critical service will help maximize a merchant’s sales revenue from any recurring payment model or channel.

“CardSync is a universal account updater platform that efficiently passes critical updates from card issuers back to the merchant, so they don’t lose revenue from the customer accounts where payment data has changed,” says Wendy Yurgo, Metrics Global CEO. Merchants around the world struggle with customers constantly changing credit card payment information. On average, one-third of all customers’ account information will change annually.

CardSync not only allows merchants to avoid disruptions to sales revenue and the additional expense of managing failed payments but also significantly improves customer satisfaction by preventing the typical interruptions that often result in canceled service or unnecessary support contact. Additionally, CardSync further enables merchants to reduce their PCI scope exposure by eliminating direct handling of sensitive payment data by employees.

Many merchants are locked into contracts with existing payment providers or have long-standing relationships. CardSync is a standalone, platform-independent solution for any business that processes recurring payments regardless of their payment processor or whether they are a Metrics Global client or not. Yurgo continues “Any merchant can utilize this card updater service. That makes CardSync truly revolutionary.”

CardSync’s seamless integration delivers all the necessary automation and efficiency of a scalable Account Updater program, whether it be for thousands or millions of consumers.

“We are thrilled to offer CardSync to our merchants and partners,” says Yurgo. “Our clients who use CardSync will see a significant and immediate benefit to their business. This strategic partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to deliver innovative solutions that create meaningful business value for our customers. Their success is paramount to us.”

About Metrics Global:

Metrics Global is a leading payments and fintech company with a long-established record of solving problems for merchants worldwide. Our unified commerce & payments platform connects merchants and strategic partners to a global marketplace, enabling their international expansion strategy and fueling their exponential growth.